Can you make ANY design?

Yes and no. Am I able to make just about any design? Probably. Am I allowed to? Not necessarily. Here are my limitations:

  1. Copyright laws. Many companies (Disney, for example) have copyrights. Because of this, I am not allowed to, say, create a full fondant figure of Mickey Mouse. This is copyright infringement. However, in this scenario, we can acquire a toy of Mickey Mouse that is distributed by a company that is licensed to sell it (i.e. it’s not a cheap knock off version) and put it on your cake. Or we can acquire a licensed edible Mickey Mouse or Mickey Mouse image (Disney has licensed retailers who sell edible decorations especially for cakes and cookies). Or I can create a cake with generic black circles that look kinda like Mickey Mouse’s ears and match seamlessly with your party’s theme, but don’t break the law.
  2. Replicas. I highly encourage you to show me pictures of other cakes that you like (gives me an idea of what you want); however, I can’t replicate another’s cake artwork exactly (legal stuff). I can make it almost completely identical, but I do need to tweak it (even if slightly) so that it becomes my own artwork.
  3. Equipment or supplies. Some designs I can’t make because of a lack of certain equipment or supplies (although, to be honest, an order is often my excuse to buy more equipment or supplies, so bring it on!).
  4. Conscience. There are certain designs I won’t make, not due to lack of equipment or because it’s illegal, but due to my character. For example, I will not do R or X rated cakes.

Most designs I can and will do. If I do have any limitations for what you want done, I’ll let you know!