Preorder: Mini Gingerbread House Kit


Carry on the family gingerbread house contest or just have fun with this awesome mini gingerbread house kit!

IMPORTANT: Please read full details and fine print below.

Available: 100




Please note that this is a PREORDER which means you pay for it now so that I can purchase the necessary ingredients and create the order for you to pick up. Each order contains 8 mini gingerbread cookies (2 side walls, 1 back wall, 1 front wall with doorway, 2 roof pieces, 1 gingerbread man, and 1 gingerbread woman), 1 bag of white royal icing, a variety of 3 or more containers of candies and/or sprinkles (may vary from photos based on what’s available at the moment), and a gift box. Cookies are heat sealed in plastic bags to maintain freshness. Kits will be ready for pickup on December 18, 2020 (click to add to calendar). Payment is non-refundable (goes towards paying for cost of ingredients and supplies). Limited quantity available. Color of items may vary from photos. LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE.


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